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Professional Experienced Teacher Last Updated: October 15, 2018 (3 months ago)

Versatile professional, well qualified for leadership positions where business savvy, international experience, problem-solving, sales, and business development strengths will be of value. Proven ability to produce and succeed in fast-paced and challenging start-up, turnaround, and growth environments. Highly motivated, confident, energetic, and results-focused. Excellent cross-functional qualifications, to include: • Sales & Marketing • General Management • Strategic Partnerships/Ventures • Cross-Cultural Communications
• Team Building and Leadership • P&L Management / Budgeting • Administrative Management • Policies & Procedures Design
• Educational Program Development • Academic/Curriculum Development • Teaching & Training • Staff Recruitment/Development

Bang Pahan, Thailand
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English Teacher
Jan 2017 - Current
Assumption University MEd, Curriculum and Instruction
Jan 2016 - Current
Currently enrolled at ABAC and finishing my thesis on "The relationship between Frequency of ICT Use for School-related Tasks and ICT Sekf-Efficacy in Grade 7 Students"
GWU BS, Business Management
Jun 2001 - Apr 2004


Dec 2017 - Feb 2018
Icon Group Founder
Apr 2011 - Current
Started a local technology company focused on the education market which funds, designs and develops various educational websites. The 20+ active sites of the group involve teacher recruitment, teaching resources, educational information, teacher development/training and e-learning. The sites receive a combined 150,000 visits per month and generate $40,000+ in gross revenue annually. Designed and launched learning management system, with accompanying Apple and Android App, for local Thai schools that manage 650+ courses for 125+ teachers and 10,000+ students.
BFITS Thailand Assistant Director
Apr 2005 - Current
Promoted to provide executive leadership and drive the organization’s goal of creating a reputation for academic excellence throughout the industry. Maintain strategic focus on developing and executing new educational offerings and streamlining operational processes across the organization. Offer innovative business and educational concepts that provide students and teachers with well-defined curricula to ensure complete program success. • Spearheaded aggressive expansion plans, increasing service offerings to include the Conversational English Program (CEP), Intensive Communication English Program (ICEP), Intensive English Program (IEP), and English Program (EP); expanded school base to 25+ schools with 125+ full-time teachers. • Implemented variety of programs that fulfilled the organization’s three primary goals of promoting educational standards, instilling student responsibility, and integrating education technology into the classroom.• Designed the BFITS LMS (Learning Management System) for the 20+ geographically diverse BFITS partner schools to provide real-time grading and e-learning to 10,000+ students.• Negotiated partnership deal with McGraw-Hill Publishing, allowing BFITS students to receive a 50% discount on their books and BFITS to receive any technology associated with the books at no cost.
BFITS Thailand Academic Director
Apr 2003 - Apr 2005
Hired during a period of organizational restructuring to help drive profitable sales increases within a progressively competitive and oversaturated market. Supervised staff and managed day-to-day operations of all educational programs and services. Continually developed new courses/programs and teaching/learning resources to meet growing needs of the school clients while ensuring compliance with government regulations/educational standards. Worked as a member of management team to set policies, oversee staff recruitment and training, and devise/implement marketing programs. • Instrumental, as a member of management team, in driving extraordinary year-over-year (2003 to 2004) growth and expansion in all areas - sales, program offerings, and academic staff: - Doubled total academic program offerings and increased total academic sales 157%; - Grew CEP program offerings from 7 to 12 (70% increase), driving 119% increase in related sales; - Expanded MEP program offerings from 1 to 4 (300% increase), driving 336% increase in related sales; - Delivered 176% overall increase in new students. • Provided leadership for projects that significantly expanded BFITS’s market presence and enabled more efficient communication between a geographically dispersed and growing staff. - Implemented new standardized company e-mail system; - Created an integrated calendar enabling centralized scheduling for all 16 schools; - Developed multimedia sales presentations to promote academic offerings; - Redesigned and improved academic sales brochures. • Led ongoing efforts to expand and enhance educational program offerings, to upgrade capabilities of teachers and quality of training, and to improve efficiency in administrative tasks: - Introduced web-based lesson planning database on a file-sharing network; - Developed comprehensive educational programs covering science, math, ICT, health, art, and history; - Designed Excel spreadsheets to streamline maintenance of students’ grades.